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Fokohaela x Fabric Of Football Create Custom 1 of 1 VAR Shirt

Wedging tongues firmly in cheeks, Kings of custom, Fokohaela have created a 1 of 1 VAR-inspired football shirt using an early 90s adidas referee jersey bespoke with custom graphics.

In amongst the numerous new club shirts being launched left right and centre, custom creators on another level Fokohaela have spared a thought for the infamous addition from last season, the Video Assistant Referee. Love it or hate it, VAR has become am integral part of the game. Sure, the process in the Premier League in particular needs smoothing out, but the principle remains sound. Can’t see there being many fans, but then for that reason it’s probably lucky that the VAR shirt is a unique 1 of 1 creation.

var 5-min.jpg
var 2-min.jpg

Taking an early 90s adidas referee jersey, the custom creators have added bespoke graphics that call out the all-seeing influence of VAR – all-seeing that is, apart from blatant goals that goal-line technology misses, (Sorry Bournemouth fans? Carrying a certain ‘illuminati’ vibe, the sponsor logo sits proudly on the front of the shirt, while the Premier League logo has been given a slight tweak on the right of the chest. Sleeve graphics continue the japes, while the rear of the shirt features ‘The Police’ and ‘Sony Handycam’ callouts, referencing the influence of the technology on the game. 

var 4-min.jpg
var 3-min.jpg
var 6-min.jpg

You may not like VAR, but bet you missed talking about dodgy decisions when football was gone, right?

Daniel Jones

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