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adidas Unveil Argentina World Cup Home Kit

Argentina kitted up to conquer Brazil this summer

adidas have revealed the new official Argentina home Kit to be worn during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Launched on pitch this Saturday when Argentina take on fellow South Americans Ecuador in a friendly, the kit may not look to be a far cry from previous designs but includes some interesting new technology.

The new shirt from adidas recognises the most important and patriotic icon of the nation, the flag, and represents it in the jersey's design. For the first time, through the sky-blue stripes of the shirt, there is a reflective visual effect simulating a Argentinean flag on top of a pole, waving in the wind.

The crest also shows an evolution in this new design. The golden AFA crest gains a more prominent presence contrasting with the white and the sky-blue colours of the shirt. It also contrasts with the golden lines on the sides and the upper side of the shirt.

The kit is finished off with white shorts and white socks with sky-blue stripes that complement the flag-based design and giving teh kit a more modern look. The jersey weighs 100grams, thanks to adidas' new adizero technology, making it the lightest shirt in the history of the Argentinean team.

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