Offering up a new and sustainable take on the football shirt scene, football culture collective, Art of Football have responded to demand by reinterpreting some of the most iconic kits from the noughties and nineties as a new collection of bucket hats.

adidas x Art of Football’s playful reinvention of the 2019/20 Arsenal away shirt for the Notting Hill Carnival sent heads spinning this summer and it had many people clambering for more of the same, piquing interest in a new level for jersey culture. And Art of Football have been only too happy to respond to the demand, reacting swiftly, and hand-crafting a limited collection of 10 unique bucket hats, all made from classic football shirts.


The full collection features iconic noughties and nineties kits from the likes of Juventus, Barcelona, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United, all recreated as bucket hats – the quintessential nineties headdress. The results are outstanding, and they follow a burgeoning new trend that's seeing a reimagining of the football shirt in numerous, inventful ways, bringing a new, sustainable approach and interest to jersey culture at a time when it's enjoying a golden renaissance. Hats off to Art of Football for capitalising on this trend in such a superb way. Or should that be hats on…


The full Art of Football bucket hat collection will be available from Friday 4 October at