What do you get if you combine vintage sourced jackets and woven American football patches from the 1980's and 90’s? Well if you’re creative connoisseurs Art of Football [AoF] then you get a limited collection of 16 reworked patch jackets, that’s what.

From turning vintage match day scarves into jumpers or creating trousers from old sportswear jackets and plenty else in between, [AoF] are always looking at ways to breathe new life into old footballing merch and memorabilia, giving sustainability and upcycling in the football culture world a stylish new edge. And next on their rework project list is a set of bespoke designed patch jackets, gilets and drill tops, which have been transformed thanks to the inclusion of a host of American football (or 'soccer') patches from the 1980's and 90’s.

aof 9-min.jpg
aof 2-min.jpg

Paying homage to 90's varsity style, each vintage jacket, gilet or drill top has a collection of hand sewn patches making them all unique one of ones. Combining the playful varsity style patches with more traditional British style workwear jackets creates a modern twist on the classic American varsity jacket. The collection launched on 14 March, and with only 16 available they’re selling fast.

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These bad boys are selling out fast, so if you want one best head over to art-of-football.com