Returning to a tried and tested formula, designer SETTPACE once again pairs the England national team up with London fashion house, Burberry, for a bespoke concept creation.

The cross over between fashion and football grows with every passing day, and fashion houses are more and more inclined to make their way onto the pitch. It’s even starting to make its way onto the international scene, with PUMA recently recruiting British retail and design staple LIBERTY for kits for Italy, Iceland, Austria and Switzerland. So the idea of Nike partnering with the likes of Burberry for an England shirt doesn’t seem as fantastical as it maybe once did…

settpace 2-min.jpg
settpace 3-min.jpg

Designer SETTPACE creates concepts from fantasy pairings, teaming fashion houses with major teams. One such pairing that has been visited not once, not twice, not thrice, but on four previous occasions, is that of England and Burberry, and it’s now in focus for a fifth time, with a fresh take that combines then fashion labels signature style with the Three Lions.

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