Returning for a third hit of the fantasy collaboration, designer SETTPACE has created another England x Burberry concept shirt, rounding off the collection with a unique camo design.

Over the last year, SETTPACE has excelled at pairing up elite teams from across Europe with premium fashion houses, creating concept shirts. But whereas most of these fantasy collaborations remain within the realms of possibility, one pairing stuck out as more unlikely than the rest due to the restrictions with International football: that of the England national team and London-based fashion house Burberry. SETTPACE created both a home and away concept design, both of which were equally striking, and now the set is rounded out with a third shirt design.

settpace 2-min.jpg
settpace 3-min.jpg

The third shirt takes a range of green and brown hues, presenting them in a graphic that appears at once as a camouflage arrangement, nodding to the great British military, but also as a renaissance-esque pattern. The Three Lions crest and Swoosh are wrapped in a uniform brown, tying in with the design. Our only issue? Would make it way to easy to go missing on the pitch.

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