Back in familiar territory, designer SETTPACE revisits the idea of teaming England and Nike up with London fashion house, Burberry, producing a striking black and white design that’s punctuated by Rose Gold.

While the likes of PSG and Juventus have opened up the realms of possibility for off-centre collaborations, the idea of international federations pairing up with fashion houses remains pure fantasy. But that hasn’t stopped concept designer SETTPACE from having an absolute ball in this sandbox, with the England x Burberry pairing once again showing just how good the national team kit could be.

settpace 5-min.jpg
settpace 4-min.jpg

Having already produced a home, away and third shirts for England x Burberry, this latest effort will have to take on the mantle of fourth shirt in the collection. Either that or it could be the 21/22 home shirt… getting bogged down in the completely unnecessary details there though, because what this latest concept is is simply another example of how good shirt design can get when freed from the constraints of regular rules and regulations.

It sees a mix of stripes executed across the whole shirt, which arrives in a Black, White and Rose Gold colourway, with the latter being used to striking effect through pinstripes, collar and cuff details, the outline of the Swoosh and the iconic Three Lion crest. A Rose Gold band then runs down the side, containing the lion motif.

Only minor critique? Those repeating three white stripes look a little too ‘adidas’ for us on a Nike shirt. Call us picky…

settpace 3-min.jpg
settpace 2-min.jpg

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