Back for another crack at what could be, concept kit designer SETTPACE once again pairs England with Burberry for an away strip that combines the classic red of the Three Lions with a sublimated graphic of the London fashion house.

Back in October, concept designer SETTPACE imagined what a collaboration between the England national team and London-based fashion house Burberry would look like, with the results being an impressive contemporary mashup of both parties' identities. Now, that shirt design is followed up by another dip into the fantasy pairing, with SETTPACE presenting what would be the away shirt for the collab.

eng 2-min.jpg
eng 4-min.jpg

The away shirt takes the classic red of England alternate strips, and layers it with a sublimated Burberry graphic across the whole body, creating a look that’s not a million miles away from the England women’s away shirt from the WWC 2019 collection. That shirt was absolutely outstanding, and it would be amazing to see something like that created for the men’s team also, although don’t bet on it ever being as a result of a collaboration with an outside agency – they’e moves that are reserved for club level, likely never to be adopted by the international scene, sadly.

The pairing of England and Burberry by SETTPACE comes around the same time as Marcus Rashford being announced as the brand’s Winter Ambassador, with the Manchester United striker finding the time in his insanely busy schedule to make his debut in a fashion collection with the brand. Stick "Rashford" on the back of this concept, and it's pretty much tailor-made for the England man as he heads off for the latest England camp.

eng 3-min.jpg
eng 5-min.jpg

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