The latest concept creation to come from the mind of designer SETTPACE sees Chelsea paired up with French luxury fashion house, Kenzo, for a "Blurred Roses” kit.

Continuing the fantasy collaboration line between European teams and high end fashion houses that has seen the likes of Man City paired with Louis Vuitton, Atletico Madrid with Off-White, and Juventus with Gucci, SETTPACE once again returns to the Premier League with Chelsea. This latest creation sees the Blues paired with Kenzo, for what would be a special edition that plays on the home colours of the Stamford Bridge outfit.

chelsea 2-min.jpg
chelsea 3-min.jpg

This is not the first time that SETTPACE has set sights on the London club, having previously paired the Blues up with 11 by BBS for a design that saw all colour stripped away, leaving a unique monochrome vision. 

But here the colour flourishes, taking the traditional blues of Chelsea and playing them across a sublimated “Blurred Rose” graphic that sits on a white base, accompanied by black shades – a look taken straight from the fashion house’s repertoire, but that lands seamlessly in football. Something about the Chelsea flower show in here, surely…

chelsea 4-min.jpg
chelsea 5-min.jpg

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