As has been the case with the last couple of Predator updates, the all-new Predator Accuracy arrives as the headliner of the adidas ‘Own Your Football’ pack, which also sees the X Speedportal in a fresh new colourway, with the already released COPA Pure completing the lineup.

Whetting the appetite for this latest release, adidas kicked off the year by delving into the archives for a rerelease of the Predator Precision, which was presented in a “Ftwr White/Core Black/Team Shock Pink” colourway. And now, after that appetiser, we move on to the main course, with the launch of the all-new, next generation Predator Accuracy, and as well as the colourway link that it gets to that recent Precision drop, there’s also a tidy aesthetic switch up to the Three Stripe branding that more than hints at the classic Accelerator look.

The Predator Accuracy is launched in a “Core Black/White/Team Shock Pink” colourway as part of the ‘Own Your Football’ pack. It’s a look that’s already been seen on the feet of pro players in recent weeks, and now we get to take a closer look.

With a focus on precision and consistency, the Predator Accuracy was created with goal scorers on the pitch in mind. The first thing of note is that the aesthetics seem to have veered away from the last generation Predator Edge back towards a look that’s more similar to the Freak and Mutator. That departure is down to the Hybrid Touch upper and High Definition Grip, which features much more focused placement of the rubber elements, albeit in a more simplified pattern, driven by scans of striking placements. The upper construction is also significantly lighter and it also offers a more moulded fit.

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Further updates have come in the two-piece Primeknit collar, which makes entry easier while also increasing support, all that while maintaining a heightened flexibility.

Finally, the facet frame delivers stability and dynamic traction to support movement on pitch. The Power facet redistributes weight towards the front of the boot, optimising power transfer when striking the ball.

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The launch of the Predator Accuracy is then supported by the already released COPA Pure, which lines up with a new colourway of the X Speedportal. The X Speedportal shows up in a “Team Shock Pink/White/Core Black” colourway, with a pink taking on the main colouring of the boot. Like the Predator Accuracy, this one has already been seen on pitch over the last few weeks, but now gets officially released as part of the ‘Own Your Football’ pack.

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