You probably hadn't heard of Sammy Ndjock last week. You might still not have heard of him, but chances are you've seen his brilliantly terrible own goal against Bournemouth on Wednesday night. What Sammy lacks in throwing ability he makes up for in the ability to laugh it off like a complete champ.

The Minnesota United goalkeeper scored the mother of all own goals. Seriously, one of those once-in-a-life-time-impossible-freak-own-goals that no one would ever believe. But, thanks to the power of technology, old Sammy gets to relive this beauty time and time again. Luckily, being pre-season and all, Sammy and his club have seen the funny side by rolling out a video blaming the whole darn shenanigans on a pesky jam sandwich.

Top work, Minnesota United & Jammy Sammy. Although if he does it again, it might not be all that funny anymore.