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Lionel Messi x Gatorade | 'Don't Go Down'

To rise to the top of the game year on year, the relentless drive of Lionel Messi is unquestionable. In partnership with Gatorade, the brand have celebrated his determination in staying on his feet while other try and take him down.

A smart video that doesn't do a bad job in reminding you of the unrivalled strengths of our Leo, the ad glorifies the Argentine's abilities in a shining light. Having proved himself as the world's greatest over and over, he's a player that you have to hold your hands up too  his achievements incredulous and determination defiant.

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A smart campaign all over, the graphic above is a nice compliment to proceedings. It see's Messi link up with energy drink Gatorade once more as they look to provide much needed fuel to take the game into the final third. Whether it's an energy drink or good old fashioned H20, we'll take two  the countless years of honing his abilities is obviously mere detail...


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