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Leo Messi Stars In Gatorade's 'GOAT Camp' Commercial

Gatorade have just released their new commercial featuring four of the world's greatest athletes. Avid Ballon d'Or collector Lionel Messi is joined by 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams, 100m sprint world record holder Usain Bolt and NBA legend Michael Jordan for the new as titled "GOAT Camp".

The film sees the quarter invite young athletes to a special performance centre where the prospects learn from the best in their respective sport, all while having a swig of Gatorade along the way. You've got Serena smashing tennis balls through concrete walls, Jordan dunking and Bolt, well, legging it, while Messi takes on a team of torso-less robots as the hopefuls look on before getting to work.


In June 2019 Messi was announced as earning $35m from endorsements deals, of which Gatorade is one of his most high profile. Only one footballer earned more than him through endorsements last year and that was serial pants flogger Cristiano Ronaldo who raked in $44m, and that's before he's even kicked a ball.

Well there you have it, Gatorade ain't just for horrendous hangovers. Everyday's a school day here.


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