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Messi Stars In Latest 'The Greatest Never Settle' Campaign Ad From Gatorade

What defines greatness? Is it being better than everyone around you? Is it achieving what few – if any – will ever achieve in their lifetime? Is it winning time and time again, smashing records on the way? Or is it doing all of this and yet still not being satisfied? Gatorade have been exploring this with their ‘The Greatest Never Settle’ campaign, and they’ve launched a new video under it with Leo Messi.

The Greatest Of All Time: it’s an accolade that’s casually thrown around these days, but within each field there really can only be one. Lionel Messi lays a pretty good claim to the title in the footballing world, having won virtually everything there is to win in the game at club level, and doing it all with only one team. Winner of a record six Balon d’Or awards, and with numerous records laying shattered at his feet, he is without doubt one of, if not the greatest. And yet he goes on. Team after team, week after week, year after year. But why? What motivation is there left for someone that has achieved so much? He could hang up his boots now, walk off into the sunset safe in the knowledge that his legacy is secure. But he doesn’t, simply because greatness never settles.

Having featured in the opening video for Gatorade’s ‘The Greatest Never Settle’ campaign alongside the likes of Serena Williams and Gabriel Jesus, Messi takes full focus for the world’s number one sports drink’s latest video. It sees the Argentinian’s sublime talent in action both on the pitch and in training, giving an insight into his ‘Never Settle’ mindset. 

Speaking on the campaign, Messi said: “This Gatorade campaign demonstrates the importance of pushing yourself to be better and believing you can go further, even when you have been successful. It takes hard work, on and off the pitch, to try and get to a place where you can perform on the world’s biggest stages, and I hope this campaign inspires both fans and young athletes to never settle as they journey on their own paths to greatness.” 

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As an extension of this campaign, Gatorade will launch a digital content series called “Fuelling Greatness” that will provide a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective to educate competitive athletes on the brand’s critical role in fuelling the world’s elite athletes – from training, to performance and recovery. The series brings these concepts to life by highlighting the role of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) and its partnerships with Manchester City and Barcelona in promoting sport-science based approaches to footballing excellence. You can check out the first episode with City here.

With football set to resume on Monday, it's time to stock up on the ol' Gatorade!

Daniel Jones

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