adidas Response Pro Cech Goalkeeper Gloves - Sun/Black

In the world of goalkeeper gloves you may be mistaken into thinking technology and innovation were at a premium, well think again, because adidas have created a pioneering and completely unique adidas Response Pro goalkeeper glove to be worn by Petr Cech.

Whilst adidas have been busy stunning the world of football boots with their F50 Adizero, it appears their goalkeeping department has also been working overtime to create these ground-breaking adidas Response Pro Cech goalkeeper gloves.

What catches the eye immediately with these new adidas Response Pro gloves is the completely unique, almost lattice-like palm. Extensive testing has proven that the larger the surface area coming into contact with the ball, then the better the grip. Obviously, on the palm of a goalkeeper glove the surface area is limited, that was until the goalkeeping brains at adidas developed the new Response Pro featuring hundreds of strategically placed cleaves in the latex palm.

It's an ingenious idea, and one that's being fully backed by Czech Republic and Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech. A testament to the performance attributes of the new adidas Response Pro goalkeeper gloves, as Cech is arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and the winner of the 2009/10 Premier League Golden Gloves.

Along with the innovative palm, the new adidas Repsonse Pro Cech goalkeeper gloves feature a Punching Control area. Placed on the backhand and covering the knuckle area, the Punching Control allows for maximum impact transfer to the ball while protecting the hand of the keeper with layered memory EVA foam.

For the wearers comfort the material of the adidas Response Pro Cech goalkeeper gloves feature ClimaCool technology, an engineered mesh that allows heat and sweat to escape, while bringing cooling air into contact with the skin. The glove is secured with an incredibly reliable bandage wrist closure and full wrist strap.

The adidas Response Pro goalkeeper gloves are truly an innovation, adidas are currently pushing the boundaries of product development and performance, and with the likes of Petr Cech on board it's reassuring that these products actually perform and aren't just a gimmick. The adidas Response Pro Cech goalkeeper glove is available to order now, and we think the price tag of around £45 GBP is pretty reasonable as well.