The Predator 24 landed this week in a whirlwind of hype, and building off of that hype, Pro:Direct Soccer partnered with adidas for a unique boot launch event at the Emirates Stadium.

All attention has been on the launch of the new Predator 24 this week, with adidas really hitting the sweet spot of nostalgia and progression with the silo’s latest incarnation, which has been drawing almost universal praise. It arrived with a design that’s inspired by 30 years of Predator DNA, welcoming back the iconic Predator fold-over tongue into a new generation of goal-scoring accuracy and power, and the party didn’t just stop with the launch, with Pro:Direct Soccer taking the show on the road in an unprecedented collaboration with adidas, for which a bespoke Predator van was created that showcased this landmark boot in disruptive style.

emirates pred 9-min.jpg
emirates pred 6-min.jpg

Pro:Direct Soccer announced the event on their social media accounts ahead of the crew pulling up that amazing van (full shades of the A-Team going on there) at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. And then, paying tribute to the launch year of the first ever Predator, the online sports retailer gave football fans the opportunity to bag a pair of the new Predator boots for just £19.94 on a first come, first served basis.

To add to the excitement, lucky buyers had the privilege of having their new Predator boots handed out by Arsenal’s very own Jurrien Timber, adding a personal touch to this pop-up event.

This unique collaboration between Pro:Direct Soccer and adidas not only celebrates the cutting-edge design and performance of the new Predator boots but also highlights the commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences for football enthusiasts straight out of the World’s Largest Bootroom. The van's striking appearance at the Emirates Stadium marked the beginning of a new era for the adidas Predator, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of boot launches.

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