Kicking off what’s set to be an ongoing partnership that highlights the potential of upcycling, PUMA have collaborated with Nicole McLaughlin, a multidisciplinary designer, to create a one-of-a-kind jacket created from goalkeeper gloves.

The process of upcycling has started to gain huge momentum over the last few years, as the world rightly focuses on sustainability. A key proponent of the discipline is Nicole McLaughlin, a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City. Her work explores the greater possibilities for sustainability through upcycling. Having partnered with the likes of Crocs and Adidas in the past, McLaughlin is now teaming up with PUMA to create unique pieces that highlight the potential of upcycling and sustainability by using samples, deadstock, and other PUMA materials.

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For her first PUMA piece, Nicole got her hands on the German brand’s goalkeeper glove samples from which she crafted a one of a kind jacket. The jacket itself features a number of different gloves, all stitched together to create an innovative new take on the classic leather jacket.The design is then finished with velcro fastenings around the cuffs and hem. 

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Brings new meaning to the term “fits like a glove”...