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adidas Release Retro Icon Goalkeeper Jersey Collection

Celebrating the crazy world of 90s goalkeeper jersey design, Adidas have released a special icon collection ahead of the 2022 World Cup, with throwback designs for Spain, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, along with a unique option for Belgium.

The 90s was a wild time for football shirt design, with few restrictions combined with an increasing appetite for jersey culture leading to some beautifully exuberant designs, and this was even more apparent with goalkeeper shirts. Yep, wild here just doesn’t even cut it. Loud, proud, bold and brash – that just about does it. Now, paying homage to some of the most iconic from the international scene, adidas release the Icon collection as part of their wider 2022 World Cup collections.

icon 14-min.jpg
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The Spain 2022 Icon goalkeeper jersey is inspired by a 1990s adidas goalkeeper template, which was actually worn by Liverpool in the 95/96 season.

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Looking to a moment of glory from the nation's past, the Germany 2022 Icon goalkeeper kit is inspired by the famous goalkeeper jersey worn by Bodo Illgner in the Italy 1990 World Cup, when Germany were crowned World champions for the third time in history, beating Argentina.

icon 12-min.jpg
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They may not have won the World Cup in 1990, but Sergio Goycochea certainly looked the part as he lined up against Germany, and it's this look that inspires the new Icon jersey.

icon 13-min.jpg
icon 3-min.jpg


If one nation has a wealth of options to choose from in the goalkeeper department, then it'd be Mexico. Think Jorge Campos during the 1990s and you're there.

icon 15-min.jpg
icon 17-min.jpg


The Belgium Icon jersey is the odd one out of the pack in that it hasn't been inspired by a past design, instead it celebrates the Belgian Red Devils and iconic music festival, Tomorrowland, arriving as a continuation of the recent collaborative collection.

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