Salford Lads Club celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, and to help raise funds for the centre, Salford City FC have partnered with adidas and Pro:Direct Soccer to produce a limited edition shirt, which the team will wear in select fixtures this preseason.

For those not in the know, Salford Lads Club was established in 1903 as a boys' club, but today welcomes people of both sexes and organises activities including sports and exhibitions. In its 120-year history it has provided a centre for thousands of Salfordians to meet, socialise, and take part in a variety of activities. In short, it’s an iconic location within the city. As part of the anniversary celebrations the Lads Club is raising money to help towards lots of different things from a new mini bus to building repairs, and to help with that Salford City FC have produced a limited edition shirt in collaboration with adidas and Pro:Direct Soccer.

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The shirt will be worn by the Salford City players for their first game of pre-season against Radcliffe on Saturday 8 July, and against Derby County in Spain on Saturday 15 July.

The green edition, to be worn by the outfield players, represents the Lads Club’s iconic green signage, door and railings, with that sign faithfully recreated and sitting in the sponsor slot, while the football club crest is used on the left chest. Mint green sleeves lend contrast to the dark green body. The orange goalkeeper jersey represents the building’s brickwork. 

In celebration of Salford Lads Club’s 120 year anniversary, a limited run of 120 shirts will be available; 50 from the Salford Lads Club shop from 11am on Saturday 8th July and a further 70 dropping next week at

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Commenting on the initiative, Head of Fan Engagement and Experience Andrew Gordon said:

It’s amazing that through our exciting new partnership with adidas and Pro:Direct we are able to produce this unique shirt and help raise money for one of Salford’s most iconic institutions and buildings.  

“All Salfordians are unbelievably proud of Salford Lads Club and the amazing work it has done and continues to do, offering real life-changing support, encouragement, experiences and opportunities for the young people of Salford for 120 years. 

“As a Club we know we have not only an opportunity but also a duty to connect with, represent and serve the young people of our City, and know we need look no further than Salford Lads Club for inspiration as to what can be achieved.  

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Salford is a City built of fundamental socialist principles whereby we all look after and support each other for the shared common goal of the Welfare of the People, being the Highest Law, and we are lucky to have been able work with and use the Lads Club facilities on a number of occasions including delivering Club Foundation, Foundation 92, programmes, so we see this as an opportunity to give something back.

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“In recognition of this and to celebrate Salford Lads Club’s 120th birthday next month we wanted to bring together Salford City Football Club and Salford Lads Club through the power of football shirt fandom, in the hope that we can make a significant contribution to supporting the iconic venue’s legacy, helping to fund the work they do directly with the young people at Salford Lads Club to support and inspire the current generation of young people in our City and beyond.

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50 of the limited edition shirts will be available from the Salford Lads Club shop from 11am on Saturday 8 July, with a further 70 dropping next week at