Fed up with the dark and wet already? Yep, us to. But at least there’s football to keep us going, and this week it’s the third round of the FA Cup. To ensure we can all see the action unfolding on the pitches across the country, Mitre have unveiled the 23/24 Fluo Ultimax official match ball.

While it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting snow anytime soon (just rain, and plenty of it), hi-vis balls have become a regular feature in winter fixtures in the UK, and in line with this, Mitre have revealed the latest Fluo version of the Ultimax Pro, official match ball of the FA Cup. Whilst it’s the same model as last season, the 23/24 edition sees the inclusion of grey block panels sitting under the iconic chevrons, which this season are presented in red following the grey/black hues of its predecessor.

mitre 3-min.jpg
mitre 6-min.jpg

Under the surface we get a thermally bonded four-panel construction, with Dual Hyperfoam technology that offers more power for strikes, while the debossed Hyperflow surface manipulates airflow to give more accuracy to shots and passes. Hyperseam technology then provides the benefits of both stitching and bonding for zero water uptake – an essential criteria in England’s often wet weather. Finally, it’s FIFA Quality Pro approved and now 32 percent more durable.

You can expect to see this ball in action for the first time in tonight’s game, with Crystal Palace set to entertain Everton.

mitre 4-min.jpg
mitre 5-min.jpg

As well as the elite level Ultimax Pro, Mitre have also produced to takedown versions in the FA Cup ‘Match’ ball and the FA Cup ‘Train’ ball, both of which are presented in the same aesthetics as the Ultimax, albeit with respectively simplified tech.

mitre 1-min.jpg

Shop the Mitre Ultimax 23/24 ball at prodirectsport.com/soccer