A modern day edition of the boot that started it all. adidas re-write history for the 20th anniversary of the Predator with the launch of the Revenge Pack featuring the new Predator Revenge Instinct 94.

Rumours surrounding a Predator re-release series began to circulate online some time ago and now adidas have made it official with one of the most anticipated and nostalgic releases of the year, the limited edition (just 1,825 pairs worldwide) adidas Predator Revenge Instinct 94. Everybody remembers their first pair of Predator boots, and depending on your age you’ll have a favourite. The adidas Predator Revenge Instinct 94 gives players the chance to relive history without sacrificing performance.

The first boot in a series that brings together the iconic design of the original adidas Predator 94 with modern day Predator Instinct technologies. Along with the famous original Predator logo and tongue  the boot features a redesigned version of the upper that made headlines when first appearing on pitches in 1994.

To bring the boot into the modern era, adidas have lost the heavy design and replaced it with a streamlined, enhanced Predator Instinct control frame. Further limited edition releases in the adidas Revenge Pack will see the the return of Predator fans’ favourite models from the 20 year history of the boots, but where better place to start than the original.

The adidas Predator Revenge Instinct 94 is available from select online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Let us know your thoughts, drop us a line in the comments.