Embracing the fervour and intensity that a new season brings, Mizuno launch the Passion Red pack, wrapping the Mizuno Morelia Neo III β and Morelia II in an all-over red coat.

A fresh new look for a fresh new season, Mizuno release their first pack since the ‘Pre Future Pack’, which dropped way back at the beginning of the year. Sure there’s been a couple of other solo outings in the mean time, including the ‘Below Zero’ and ’Origami’ looks for the Morelia Neo III β as well as Sergio Ramos’s first signature boot from the Japanese brand, the Morelia Neo III β ‘SR4’, but the ‘Passion Red Pack’ the first on-pitch pack release in quite some time, and it’s very welcome.

mizuno 10-min.jpg
mizuno 9-min.jpg

The official colourway of the ‘Passion Red’ Morelia Neo III β is “High Risk Red/White”, and it sees the red covering pretty much the whole boot, save for the white accents that pop through the Runbird branding and on the soleplate. Red in Japanese culture is a very important colour, and is said to scare away evil spirits and represent protection, strength, peace, and power. Japanese festivals are often marked by their red decor and red and white curtains, so this looks to be a fitting choice given the approaching World Cup.

The Passion Red pack also features the Morelia II, offering a classic option alongside the more progressive Morelia Neo III β. The Morelia is one of football's longest serving silos and for good reason: unrivalled comfort, leather touch and throwback aesthetics. It continues to exist as a rare beast these days though, handcrafted from premium K-leather with a traditional construction. Made in Japan? You bet, and that means pure quality.

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