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Mizuno Launch Morelia Neo 3 Beta 'Reach Beyond'

Hot on the heels of the ‘Runbird DNA’ pack, Mizuno launch the ‘Reach Beyond’ Mizuno Morelia Neo III β, wrapping their innovative new silo in a fresh “Reflex Blue/White” colourway.

Mizuno launched the ‘Runbird DNA’ pack earlier this week, presenting the two boots that encapsulated the contrasting approaches the brand has to football. On the one hand there was the Morelia Zero, which honoured the heritage of Mizuno. Then there was the all-new Morelia Neo III β, a boot that’s all about the innovative and forward thinking side of the brand. And now that boot gets its second colourway as part of the ‘Reach Beyond’ pack.

mizuno 4-min.jpg
mizuno 5-min.jpg

The ‘Reach Beyond’ mantra forms the backbone of Mizuno’s overall ethos; the idea of an athlete pushing their limits with the help of the brand and its experience. Now though, it has become something more tangible, with the launch of the ‘Reach Beyond’ pack. It sees the Morelia Neo III β joined by the classic Morelia II in solid “Reflex Blue”, complemented by white and red accents flashing through the design.

But the focus here is on the Mizuno Morelia Neo III β. It’s a lighter design than ever before, created as the latest evolution of Morelia Neo family. Following on from the previous two Morelia Neo II Beta versions, it features an upper construction that sees premium grade and ultra-thin K-Leather combined with the innovative β knit collar to ensure the perfect connection of your foot to the boot.

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