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Mizuno Launch The 'Dark Iridium' Pack

Nights are closing in as we plough head long towards winter, and reflecting the darker feel that the seasonal change brings, Mizuno launch the ‘Dark Iridium’ pack, wrapping the Morelia Neo III ß and Morelia II in black with hits of iridescence.

Amid the colourful blasts that we’re set to get from brands ahead of this year’s World Cup, Mizuno keep one eye on the proper appeal of black boots with the launch of the ‘Dark Iridium’ pack. Lining up the progressive Morelia Neo III β alongside the timeless quality and class of the Morelia II, the ‘Dark Iridium’ pack follows on from the more in-your-face style of the ‘Passion Red’ pack, ensuring their are options to suit all in Mizuno’s boot locker.

dark iridium 9-min.jpg
dark iridium 6-min.jpg
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The official colourway of the ‘Dark Iridium’ Morelia Neo III β is “Black/Iridescent”, and that’s exactly what we get: a black base with flashes of the iridescence popping through the Sunbird logo and through the soleplate. Simple, but strikingly effective and bound to be a popular option on grassroots pitches. Speaking of which…

The ‘Dark Iridium’ pack also features the Morelia II, offering a classic option alongside the more progressive Morelia Neo III β. The Morelia is one of football's longest serving silos and for good reason: unrivalled comfort, leather touch and throwback aesthetics. It continues to exist as a rare beast these days though, handcrafted from premium K-leather with a traditional construction. Made in Japan? You bet, and that means pure quality.

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