Raiding its recent archive for a project that was last seen in back in 2016, Mizuno release the Morelia Neo III β ‘Origami’, which features a graphic inspired by the ancient Japanese art of folding paper.

Mizuno are a brand that are steeped in heritage, with their top end boots carrying the hallmark of quality that is ‘Made in Japan’. It’s this that sets their boots apart from others on the market, with the absolute precision and attention to detail needed for the construction bearing a resemblance to another Japanese pastime: that of Origami. So it doesn’t take a huge leap to see why Mizuno have once again brought the two together, using a graphic inspired by folded hummingbirds.

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Set to be worn by Sergio Ramos, the new Morelia Neo III β picks up where the Morelia Neo and Morelia Neo II left off in 2016, bringing back the Origami theme for the third generation of the silo’s line. 

The Morelia Neo III β has been enjoying some solo run outs this season, and the ‘Origami’ follows the ‘Below Zero’ from March. Despite the different suits, the boot remains one that is engineered for speed, and it features an upper construction that sees premium grade and ultra-thin K-Leather combined with the innovative β knit collar to ensure the perfect connection of your foot to the boot. It’s also double bonded to ensure a long-lasting, durable boot. 

With the stud stabiliser technology, the outsole gives great traction and stability, and it’s available in both firm ground and soft ground options, because, while the weather is slowly improving, the turf can still be a bit slippy underfoot.

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