Arriving under the cover of darkness as usual around this time of year, PUMA drop the new-generation Future Z 1.3 in a blackout ‘Eclipse’ look, offering a lowkey alternative for the grassroots game.

The appeal of a black boot is not lost on PUMA, who offer updates to their ‘Eclipse Pack’ on a biannual basis. This time it’s the new generation Future Z 1.3 that goes into blackout mode, offering an alternative to the on-pitch ‘Instinct’ variation, which drops at the same time, ensuring between them that all bases are covered when it comes to personal preference on the pitch: loud and proud or sleek and stealthy.

eclipse 5-min.jpg
eclipse 6-min.jpg

For the Future Z 1.3 ‘Eclipse’ then, it’s not a true blackout in the traditional sense of the word, given that there are some fairly prominent flashes of white coming through the branding on the forefoot and heel, and green through the stud tips. 

As a next generation boot, the Future Z 1.3 arrives with some new tech to get stuck into. Following the ‘Teaser Edition’, we now see that the FUZIONFIT band from the last gen has been modified to become a FUZIONFIT+ compression band that is more subtle in its mid foot presence. What it does do though is provide the option of legitimately going laceless, something some pros have done in previous versions of the Future, but that you can now do safe in the knowledge of a locked down fit. Option is there if you so desire...

eclipse 3-min.jpg
eclipse 4-min.jpg

Advanced Creator Zones in the forefoot include a textured 3D grip zone on the lateral side for enhanced driving and cutting of the ball, while the medial side features a more open, softer pattern for refined touch and control during passing and finishing. On the underside the signature ‘Z’ shaped PEBA Dynamic Motion System outsole provides freedom of movement, while an advanced stud configuration enhances traction. And there you have it – an advanced next-generation Future Z in a toned down colourway. All the performance, less of the flash.

eclipse 7-min.jpg
eclipse 2-min.jpg

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