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adidas Drop Special Edition Eleven Eleven X Speedflow

11 November, also known as singles day in China (1111, get it?), is fast becoming known as one of the biggest shopping days in the world, particularly in the asian market. Looking to capitalise on this somewhat, adidas launch the limited edition Eleven Eleven X Speedflow pack.

The complete opposite of Valentines Day, 11 November in China is all about celebrating how great it is to be single. But while being single might be a lonely affair to some, it apparently also comes with certain perks, namely a special limited edition version of the adidas X Speedflow, which arrives in laceless ‘+’ version, the laced ‘.1’ and also a turf shoe.

eleven 6-min.jpg
eleven 7-min.jpg

Both the '+' and '.1' feature the same "Bold Blue/White/Vivid Red" colourway, with the blue taking on the base of the boot. the white and red colouring is then split into naughts and crosses – eleven of each to be precise – and arranged down the lateral and medial sides of each boot, the aim being to replicate a tactics board with each team comprised of 11 players, while also nodding to the singles day status of 11 November. The turf version then comes in a red base, with the naughts and crosses restricted to a cameo appearance on the heel, with just five of each, acknowledging the small-sided nature of most turf-based games.

Key athletes such as Ryan Gravenberch, Roberto Firmino, Gio Reyna, Valerie Gauvin and Amel Majri are all expected to wear the Eleven Eleven X Speedflow in games over the coming weeks.

eleven 9-min.jpg
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