Paying homage to the world of speed specifically in the running world, adidas reveal the Adizero Prime X Speedflow, an exclusive new colourway inspired by the groundbreaking running shoe of the same name.

On the track or on the pitch: speed gets results. To celebrate adidas’s mastery of speed in sport, the Three Stripes present the Adizero Prime X Speedflow, a limited collection that pays homage to the launch colourway of the revolutionary Adizero Prime X running shoe. Speed inspired by speed, doesn’t get more fitting than that.

adizero 9-min.jpg
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The limited collection look is tweaked across the X Speedflow + and .1, with blue hues being the order of the day for both. The ‘+’ sees the official colourway of “Bold Blue/White/Red”, with the blue taking the dominant role, backed up by the blue and white, with flashes of “Screaming Green” flashing through the heel and soleplate, which still boasts the Carbitex Speedframe construction.

The ‘.1’ sees a “White/Screaming Green/Sonic Ink” colourway, with the white taking on a more distinctive role. The white Three Stripes are switched out for the “Screaming Green”, which again features in the heel, forefoot and soleplate, with some added flashes in the laces.

The adidas Adizero Prime X will only be worn by a few selected players, such as Achraf Hakimi, but those eagle eyed among us will have already seen both the laceless ‘+’ version and the laced ‘.1’ option in use over the weekend. Arsenal Women’s Vivienne Miedema scored the opener in Arsenal's 3-2 win over Chelsea in the ‘+’, while AC Milan’s Rafael Leão was putting the ‘.1’ through their paces in training.

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The adidas Adizero Prime X Speedflow is available for preorder now at