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Benzema & Gnabry Debut Upcoming adidas X Speedflow Colourway

Adidas obviously share a special affiliation with the Champions League, and they look set to be releasing a special new colourway and possibly a full pack, as debuted by Serge Gnabry and Karim Benzema this week.

Back in September Adidas dropped the UCL pack, which featured two absolute classic rereleases in the form of the Predator Pulse and the F50 Ghosted Prime, both coated in the competition’s famous colour scheme. Now the Three Stripes look like they’re at it again, only this time with the regular roster of boots – well, the X Speedflow at least – after they were spotted on the feet of Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and Bayern Munich’s Serge Gnabry at their respective training sessions this week.

ucl 5-min.jpg
ucl 6-min.jpg
ucl 4-min.jpg
ucl 3-min.jpg

The instant giveaway that these are Champions League-related is the appearance of the iconic star graphic that shines across the upper, most prominently on the medial sides. The combination of the purple heel and turquoise forefoot is also a key link to the competition.

Despite only seeing the X Speedflow .1, the chances are that this will arrive alongside a similarly coloured Predator Edge and COPA Sense. The likelihood is that these will debut in the Round of 16 second leg matches that get underway next Tuesday, 8 March.

ucl 2-min.jpg
ucl 1-min.jpg
ucl 8-min.jpg
ucl 7-min.jpg

Watch this space for an official drop for this new colourway.

Daniel Jones

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