Ready for the closing stages of the season and a summer of international football to come, adidas launch the ‘Superspectral Pack’, giving the COPA Sense, Predator Freak, X Ghosted and Nemeziz vibrant new colourways that include shock pink and screaming orange pops to showcase the boots’ key features.

We’ve known this one was incoming for a little while now, with all four boots having been seen on display on the feet of several Premier League players in the last week, but now adidas have officially launched their last pack of the 20/21 campaign ready for a summer of football that will take in the delayed Euro 2020. The ‘Superspectral Pack’, as we now know it’s called, will take the place of the ‘Superlative Pack’ on the feet of adidas’s roster of professional players across the globe.

superspectral 7-min.jpg
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First up there’s the COPA Sense, which features a “Core Black/White/Shock Pink/Screaming Orange” colourway. The wavy upper blends the contrasting black of the collar with the white of the FusionSkin upper, with the other pops of colour restricted to the heel and soleplate. Clean look with the same SensePods, TouchPods and SoftStud technology under the hood.

superspectral 22-min.jpg
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The Predator Freak comes in a “Core Black/Shock Pink/Collegiate Purple” paint job, with white Three-stripes and screaming orange wording reserved for the wording. That animalistic vibe is accentuated through the cracked effect on the “Shock Pink” forefoot, while the extended DemonSkin spike coverage pops in purple.

superspectral 14-min.jpg
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The X Ghosted features the most solid block colouring of the pack, despite the official colourway being listed as “Core Black/Shock Pink/Screaming Orange”. It’s the pink that dominates the upper, with the Three Stripes taking on the black. That leaves the orange colouring that carries across the whole pack, and for the X Ghosted it appears on the underside, round the heel.

That leaves the Nemeziz, in what is rumoured to be one of the last looks for the silo before it is retired. For what could be its final flourish, it takes on a white base with “Screaming Orange” popping through the revolutionary and unique upper Tension Tape upper. It’s then finished off with accents of core black throughout.

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