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adidas Launch The COPA Sense+ 'Inner Life'

Taking an open book policy on design, adidas Launch the ‘Inner Life’ COPA Sense+, which has been created from the inside out, visually bringing to life the boot’s key design innovations that provide a greater synergy between ball and boot. It’s set to be worn by Paulo Dybala and Melanie Leupolz in the coming weeks.

The COPA Sense dropped recently, launching a whole new wavy chapter of the COPA legacy, and as is often the case with a new generation boot, it had been given a radical overhaul, specifically to enhance feel and touch for players. It was wrapped up in a traditional black look with a golden soleplate as a final flourish, and it was sleek and seductive in its mystique. Now adidas pull back the curtains so to speak, taking a unique and innovative approach to showcasing and highlighting the technology of the boot, effectively folding it inside out for a new release dubbed ‘Inner Life’. 

copa 17-min.jpg
copa 16-min.jpg

The bold new design of the COPA Sense+ ‘Inner Life’ lands in stark contrast to the ‘Superlative pack’ launch look, taking a white base and using pop colours and graphics to bring the boots design innovations, such as SensePods, TouchPods and SoftStuds, to life in a visually striking way. 

The SensePods are an innovation designed to minimise and eliminate the negative space found around the ankle and achilles. Foam elements are anatomically placed within the inside of the heel, filling this space to create a seamless connection between boot and foot. TouchPods are placed on both the medial and lateral sides of the boot, and these are designed to absorb impact energy off the ball at the points of the boot where connection with the ball most often occurs. And finally, the SoftStuds are two medial forefoot studs that are injected with a softer material, so they bend upon impact with the ball.

copa 11-min.jpg
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