Joining the party fashionably late, the Predator Freak joins the X Ghosted and Nemeziz in the ‘Superstealth Pack’, as adidas drenches its latest next-gen boot in darkness.

Adidas kicked off 2021 by wrapping the X Ghosted and Nemeziz in black suits for the ‘Superstealth Pack’, but there was no sign of the next generation Predator or COPA. While we still await the latter, the former arrived a couple of weeks later as part of the ‘Superlative Pack’, and now the Predator Freak, as it has been dubbed, is equally dressed in darkness to join the ‘Superstealth Pack’, for what is only its second colourway.

pred 10-min.jpg
pred 9-min.jpg

Prior to its official launch, we saw the Predator Freak in its prototype blacked out guise on the feet of several pros, and now a variation of that look is made official, albeit with a little more texture and depth. That comes mainly through the soleplate, and the reworked Demonskin spikes, both of which take on a lighter tone, while still maintaining the overall monochrome effect. 

First introduced last season, the Demonskin is created by a layer of rubber spikes – calibrated by a computer algorithm – laid in a formation that aligns to key contact points with the ball, and this coverage has been extended, deliberately positioning them with the aim of enabling superior control and increased ball swerve.  

pred 4-min.jpg

That comes along with a transformed silhouette; the result of the new split-cut collar design. This allows the foot a greater range of movement and improved adaptability to feet of different shapes. Also forming part of the reimagined upper, a purecut laceless PRIMEKNIT collar and two-piece sock construction enables an effortless instep for eased entry into the boot and a total locked in fit around the midfoot and ankle, as well as creating an even surface area for continued added ball control.

Along with the laceless + version there is the option to go for the .1, which features a slightly lower cut collar and laces, and then for those that don't like the collars at all, there's the low cut variation. All bases covered in black. Now get your freak on with the lights off.

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