Premium performance is wrapped up in the most pristine of presentations as Diadora launch the B-Elite Italia Tech, a new generation of comfort that takes all the best elements of the brand’s classic boots of the 90s and combines them with modern day technology.

The Diadora Brasil is an absolute classic, made famous on the feet of the likes of Roberto Baggio, Marco Van Basten and George Weah, while players such as Christian Vieri, Roy Keane and Filippo Inzaghi ensured its legacy continued. But the modern game is a very different beast. While the plush feel, comfort and forgiving shape of the classic is hard to beat, particularly for purists, its the underside where changes can and have been made for the B-Elite Italia.

diadora 4-min.jpg

So the name tells you a lot of what you need to know right from the off. ‘B-Elite’ stands for Brasil Elite, as shown off on the heel of each boot. Then there’s the Italia element, referencing the fact that these boots are constructed from the finest materials in Montebelluna in Italy, as called out on the tongue. And made in Italy, as any aficionado should well know, means class.

The base comes in black, while that glorious Diadora logo down each side is outlined in red. But as we said previously, it’s the underside of this boot that has something a little different. The new soleplate extends into an external heel counter for stability, while teardrop studs offer traction for straight line speed. But as well as that their shape also allows for rotation for quick cuts and turns. So you get the premium and timeless leather upper – quilted at the vamp for a perfect touch – combined with the modern performance of the new soleplate, all wrapped up in a premium paint job. Classy and classic.

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