Once again combining tradition with progression, Italian craft masters Diadora have released the ‘Morpheus Pack’, which sees the iconic Brasil lining up alongside the innovative B-Elite Italia in a classic black and fluo yellow colourway.

Now, you may be asking yourself why this pack is called the Morpheus pack. Morpheus is a god associated with sleep and dreams. He’s also the kick ass mentor to Neo in the Matrix. But as far as we know, these boots have nothing to do with sleep or dreams, and we certainly can’t imagine Laurence Fishburne will be lacing up in them anytime soon. So we’ll put the name to one side of the moment and focus on the boots instead.

diadora 6-min.jpg
diadora 7-min.jpg

What we get here is a classic one-two of tradition and progression, with the Brasil ‘Made in Italy’ offering up the former, and the B-Elite Italia providing the latter. Both are presented in an iconic yellow-on-black look, and it’s one that we’ve seen on the Brasil in the past, while it’s a first for the B-Elite.

The B-Elite Italia combines a traditional K-leather upper complete with deco stitch patterns across the vamp that are reminiscent of the original, with a brand new secure fit knitted collar, providing the best in touch, control and feel on the ball with premium comfort and lockdown.

diadora 2-min.jpg
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The Brasil was the option of several greats of the game, including Marco Van Basten, George Weah and Roberto Baggio, offering unrivalled comfort thanks to it’s hand-crafted construction using the finest kangaroo leather. That and it still carries the ultimate hallmark of quality: Made in Italy.

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