Diadora gives its premium player a seasonal refresh, wrapping the 1984 Brasil in crisp white and combining it with hits of royal blue throughout for a colour combination that pays homage to the brand’s homeland of Italy.

Crafted by hand from the finest kangaroo leather in Montebelluna, Italy, the Brasil is Diadora’s flagship silo, with an iconic design that has transcended time. Having presented it in clean all white and blackout looks through 2019 following its relaunch last July, the Italian brand now pay homage to their homeland, adding hits of royal blue to the base white, nodding to the famous colouring of the Azzurri.

diadora 4-min.jpg

For this latest look, the base comes in white, while that glorious Diadora logo down each side adopts the aforementioned royal blue. Those blue hits continue on the stud tips and soleplate, and the fine stitching and Italian flag on the collar add that extra flourish – as if it was needed. See, it’s the fine details that continue to stand the Brasil out as pure class.

Whilst the boot featured here is the top end 'Made in Italy' edition, Diadora have also launched a standard k-leather version at almost half the price, but definitely not half the quality. It's not a take-down; the 'Made in Italy' is just that extra bit elite.

diadora 2-min.jpg
diadora 3-min.jpg
diadora 6-min.jpg
diadora 5-min.jpg

Pick up the Diadora Brasil "White/Royal Brasil" at prodirectsoccer.com