Taking the limited edition decadence back a notch, Diadora launch the Brasil “Black/Gold”, combining the homage-filled gold with a more traditional black base. Premium feels for a wider audience.

Understandably, the recent extremely limited ‘Gold Capsule’, which contained the Brasil and the B-Elite wrapped heel to toe in gold in homage to the Balon d’Or, sold out in a matter of minutes. There were, after all, only 56 pairs of each made, as a nod to 2020 being the first year since 1956 that the award has not been given to a player. But now the regal feels of that drop have been extended out on to a wider release of the Brasil, combining the gold with a more classic black base.

diadora 3-min.jpg
diadora 2-min.jpg

See, you'd either have to have the best tekkers in town or the biggest cajones to pull off the all-gold affairs on the pitch, and let's face it, with only 56 pairs of each in the world, would you really want to muddy them up on your Sunday league swamp? Nope, proper mantlepiece boots, them. But that's where the "Black/Gold" Brasil comes into its own. This is a release that still carries a touch of the bling, but not enough for that big bald brute at the back to take specific notice of you. Showing off in style. 

Over the last 18 months Diadora have rolled out a choice selection of colourways for the iconic Brasil, including the black out and white out editions, but none of the wider releases have felt as fitting of the silos historic past as this latest drop. The K-leather upper looks simply sumptuous in traditional black, linking the design back to the glory days, while the gold accents that pop through the Diadora logo down the sides, and again on the soleplate and through the studs, simply give the Brasil the regal feel that its history in the game – and with the Balon d’Or specifically – deserves. 

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