As the founder and creative force behind 424 Inc, Guillermo Andrade may have let slip on another upcoming collaboration with adidas that will see the fashion brand stepping into the world of football once more, revealing a black and white image of a Predator Mutator 20.1 on his Instagram Stories alongside some concept art.

424 are no strangers to the world of football. As well as announcing a two-year partnership with Arsenal at the end of last year, head of design and co-founder – and huge football fan we might add – Guillermo Andrade has also tried his hand at concept boot design, creating a custom Mercurial Superfly 360 at the Nike By You Football Workshop in Los Angeles back in 2018. And now it looks as though Andrade will be linking up with the Three Stripes for a personalised take on the Predator. 

424 1-min.jpg

Bearing in mind that all we’re going on here is a black and white still from Andrade’s Insta stories, the boot looks to take a traditional three colour combo that's synonymous with the silo. The picture would suggest that the boot is well beyond the concept stage and has actually been created, although that too may be jumping to conclusions somewhat. Another thing that’s unclear at this point is whether this is an official collaboration between 424 and adidas, or just Andrade having a play around.

But 424 have worked with adidas recently, specifically with their Originals offshoot, with Andrade turning his of-the-now streetwear aesthetic to three classic adidas footwear models. Following the success of that hook up indications are that adidas is happy to entrust one of its most iconic silos into the hands of the LA-based designer, and the classic black, white and red combo of that collection would lend itself perfectly to the Predator.

424 3-min.jpg

Watch this space for any more news on the project as and when it drops...