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adidas Launch The Predator 20+ Mutator "Shadow Beast"

Following the limited edition pre-launch release adidas have now officially dropped their all black next generation Predator 20+ Mutator 'Shadow Beast' edition as the silo's second colourway. Stripping all colour away from the boot, belatedly filling the Predator-shaped hole in the ‘Shadow Beast’ pack with an understated option that’s sure to hold just as much appeal as the more iconic launch design.

The ‘Shadow Beast’ pack launched at the beginning of the year, bringing an appealing dose of darkness to the adidas line-up as we crept through the post-Christmas winter. However, conspicuous by its absence in the line-up at that time was the Predator, and with the world anticipating a next-generation revamp around that time it appeared that the Shadow Beast pack had come too soon. But now that’s been rectified, with the full launch of the Predator 20+ Mutator ‘Shadow Beast’, after the colourway dropped in seriously restricted numbers last month.


Where the launch colourway for the Mutator saw the iconic combination of the classic Predator red, white and black across that aggressive aesthetic, the ‘Shadow Beast’ Mutator takes on a monotone visage that’s sure to be as equally pleasing. Dressed in darkness, it joins the COPA, Nemeziz and X in an understated look that places emphasis on the new silhouette, looking every part as though it is shrouded in shadow, and yet, with those forefoot DemonSkin spikes, this is still unmistakably the new beast that is taking pitches by storm.


Having already had sneak peeks at an all-black Predator Mutator on the feet of the pros in the weeks leading up to the launch, with the prototype being put through its paces as is so often the way, it’s now clear that this look delivers all the appeal that’s expected from a blackout boot. And the fact that it’s available in the laceless 20+, laced and collared 20.1, and low 20.1 variations means that there’s an option for all admirers. If you haven’t already got on the Predator Mutator bandwagon, the ‘Shadow Beast’ will be pushing you on board in the most low key of styles.


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