This here is the new generation of adidas Predator. The teasing is over, the boot is revealed, and the identity is back. The Predator 20 Mutator is finally unveiled in full as adidas introduce DEMONSKIN technology, which is what you've been waiting for. Why? Because, it's the return of that famous rubber shooting tech and you absolutely love to see it.

If someone showed you a photo ten years ago of a what a Predator in 2020 would look like, this probably wouldn't be far off would it? Packed with modernised Predator technology while respecting genuine Predator DNA this aggressive looking son of a gun is the very definition of next generation. But before you curl them straight into your basket let's run you through the new technology.


Dropping in the only colour combination that's acceptable for the iconic series, the Predator 20 Mutator is built with DEMONSKIN technology to maximise ball control. DEMONSKIN is an innovative layer designed to enhance grip and spin on the ball, and now they've got your attention. Informed by years of data-based research and testing, DEMONSKIN is the result of a computer algorithm being used to create an entirely new interface between boot and ball. 406 DEMONSKIN spikes have been deliberately crafted to wrap the front and side of the boot in a formation that aligns to key contact points with the ball, combining to give players enhanced control and touch on the ball, whilst also promoting spin when striking. Get in that top bin and stay there.


Since its inception, the design of Predator has been informed by nature’s most dangerous creatures - symbolic of the powerful and dynamic tendencies that the boot instils in the wearer to give them an advantage over opponents. Taking cues from the extremes of nature, Predator 20 Mutator sees the boot’s iconic shape re-imagined further, with a striking silhouette centring on a high collar and low-cut front creating a sharp and streamlined design mutation.


Always evolving, the new Predator 20 Mutator has been designed with maximum movement in mind. The silo features new outsole enhancing control zones, whilst the addition of high-performance polyamide-injected layers help stabilise movement further. The boot offers a two-plate stud configuration that reduces weight and allows a 360 design where the upper material wraps under the foot. This construction, together with the Sockfit collar that locks down and adjusts to the unique contours of the wearer’s foot, ensures anatomical fit for support. The inclusion of Hybrid studs further amplifies the boot’s level of rotation and traction.


Ben Herath, adidas Football Design Director said; “When we launched the first Predator in 1994, it changed the game. For 2020 we wanted to unleash Predator to a new generation. We knew that we had to create something completely different, go beyond evolution and deliver a new innovation, something that would intimidate opponents. DEMONSKIN is at the heart of this. It truly is a breakthrough innovation for us at adidas Football - something brand-new with tangible benefits to gameplay. This was evidenced in player testing, where many spoke of the immediate difference they felt with the ball at their feet.”


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