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adidas Launch The Predator 20.1 Mutator Low

This is the one you've been waiting for. That next-generation Predator had you hooked with the colourway, had your wallet out with the return of the rubber spikes, but this low cut version is the one you're wearing. The collared Predator 20+ Mutator is the masterpiece, but this right here, this is the perfect blend of innovation and nostalgia that you've been hoping for.

This is the Predator 20.1 Mutator Low and it completes the adidas three-way attack of top level new-generation Predators, alongside the laceless Predator 20+ Mutator and the laced, but still collared Predator 20.1 Mutator version. What we're looking at is a boot that uses all the same DemonSkin technology of the laceless edition, so you've still got your rubber spikes to influence ball spin (which genuinely works, trust us), but in a more traditional silhouette if you like. Basically, if you weren't on board with the collared vibe and still prefer something a bit more old school (if you can call it that) then this is the one.


That low collar then: it's still a one piece construction, so the tongue can't slip like Predator's of old. The boot is essentially a slip on with laces, and of course, the heel is also lowered to a more traditional height to offer players who might find the collar restricting rather than harnessed a top level opportunity to wear the new-generation Predator. Naturally, this low collared version will be massively popular at grass roots. It's less expensive than the laceless edition and the same price as the collared, laced version, which will trigger a huge spike of uptake, but also the low collared Predator 20.1 Mutator has been equally as popular on the feet of professional, if not more popular, than the laceless edition.


In terms of choice, that's your full spread for the Predator 20 Mutator collection. And if anyone asks you said adidas saved the best until last, not us. There's a statement fell about this Predator release isn't there? Like adidas have delivered something special, something perfectly Predator that we've been waiting to see for sometime. While we pretty keen to reveal what adidas have done with other colouways throughout the season and into the summer tournaments, this combo will always take some beating, won't it?

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