Ready for launch tomorrow, adidas give the Predator 20 one last push to make sure that the hype train is at full speed. And how exactly have they done that? They’ve just roped in one of the most iconic Predator players of all time, David Beckham, to give his first impressions of the boot. His thoughts? Watch the video and see. But – spoilers – he obviously isn’t going to say he hates it, is he?

In case you somehow didn't already know, the next generation Predator 20 launches tomorrow, and with it comes the return of rubber, in the form of 406 game-changing spikes in the forefoot that adidas say are “100% unfair.” Yep, power-increasing, swerve-inducing rubber elements are back in the forefoot for some authentic Predator DNA. Hype is understandably huge for this one, and despite a blacked out version being made available for retail ahead of launch recently , there’s still a big shroud of mystery surrounding this boot. But that’s set to be lifted tomorrow morning at 9am GMT. Set your alarms now.

From the short video tease (click below) it appears that the Predator 20 will still feature a Primeknit upper, as expected, but it seems as though the rubber spikes then protrude through the upper, like nothing that's been seen before. Sort of like the OG Predator when it first arrived then. The video also hints at a potentially black and red launch colourway, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a hint of white thrown in there to complete that traditional Predator trio.

Blacked-out versions of the Predator 20 have been glimpsed on the feet of several pros over the last few weeks as they put it through its paces ahead of its official launch, and that includes one of the stars of this latest tease, Dele Alli, who was first seen training in them before playing in them against Watford.

The adidas Predator 20 will be available at tomorrow.