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Pantofola d'Oro Launch The Superleggera 2.0

Redesigned to be lighter than ever, Pantofola d’Oro launch the new Superleggera 2.0 in a simple choice of black or white. Despite the new modern upper design, the Superleggera 2.0 still offers the same classic touch on the ball thanks to the sumptuously quilted and handcrafted k-leather upper construction.

One of the first things you notice about the new Superleggera 2.0 are those strong chevron-styled stitch lines running throughout the upper, providing a modernised look to the silo as Pantofola d’Oro refresh the aesthetics with a design that also reduces the weight of what was already the brand’s lightest boot. But don’t let that modern exterior and light weight fool you; this is still a boot with tradition firmly at its heart.


Handcrafted in Italy from the finest k-leather, the Superleggera 2.0 is exactly what a follow up should be: an improvement on the original while not forgetting the core-values of what the boot was about in the first place. So gone are the three stars from the lateral side, along with the stripe that ran down the tongue of the original as the Italians strip back the upper, but in so doing they’ve provided a much cleaner look that places the emphasis on the quality of the construction and materials used. Simple, sleek and stunning, this is everything you'd want from a leather boot.


Pick up the Pantofola d'Oro Superleggera 2.0 at

Daniel Jones

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