What we're looking at here is the lightest football boot Pantofola d'Oro have ever styled. The Superleggera is a boot that channels a new avenue of lightweight performance for the high-end Italian brand – at 180g it's a crafted contender.

Pantofola d'Oro have earned one of the most prestigious reputations in the game for their highest quality leather football boots. Each boot is handmade and crafted in Italy to produce the softest k-leather uppers and exquisite comfort. The brand is viewed as the don of heritage football boots, but no longer is it one-dimensional. Pantofola d'Oro respect the thirst for lightweight performance, and the Superleggera is their marriage of the softest leather with modern, lightweight characteristics.


Adding further class to the new silo, the components of the Superleggera are sourced within 30 minutes from Pantofola d'ora's home in Ascoli. That K-leather upper is complimented by a perforated short K-leather tongue that moulds to the natural shape of your foot, but it's the new lightweight Pebax outsole that's to thank for getting the weight down to 180g. 

The Superleggera is built to seduce a new market of players; those players who have always written the brand off for being heavy and chunky. Only now the Supperleggera has shaved off those excess pounds, is dressed in pure elegance, and is giving you the eye at the bar.

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