The lightest k-leather football boot on the market takes on a "Royal Blue" wrap as Pantofola d'Oro update the Supperleggera. More high-speed, high-end Italian craftsmanship weighing in at just 180g.

Pantofola d'Oro have built a reputation as the kings of leather football boots. Each of their products is handcrafted with premium materials to ensure the most luxury of comforts. With player demand leaning strongly on the lightweight market, the Superleggera is Pantofola d'Oro's answer to the new-generation.


The leather and the high quality remains, it's just excess grams that are left off the Superleggera series, and that's mainly on the soleplate. Respecting the thirst for lightweight performance, the Superleggera is the brand's marriage of the softest leather with modern, lightweight characteristics.

All the components are sourced within 30 minutes of the Pantofola factory in Ascoli, Italy, including that stunning k-leather upper and the new lightweight Pebax outsole.


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