Pantofola d'Oro return for a second colourway on their lightest ever football boot as the 180g Superleggera silo is flipped into a "White/Black/Gold" combination. More high-seeped, high-end Italian craftsmanship.

With player demand leaning strong on the lightweight market, Pantofola d'Oro have brought their own unique principles to the race with leather seats and a quilted dash. The Italian brand have one of the most prestigious reputations in the game for their highest quality leather football boots, and they're managing to retain that whilst cutting excess grams off the Superleggera series.


There will always be a demand for leather football boots and Pantofola do what they do expertly well, but the brand aren't one-dimensionally any more. Respecting the thirst for lightweight performance, the Superleggera is the brand's marriage of the softest leather with modern, lightweight characteristics. All the components are sourced within 30 minutes of the Pantofola factory in Ascoli, Italy, including that beautiful k-leather upper and the new lightweight Pebax outsole.

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