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Sugru customised Pantofola d'Oro

Never heard of Sugru? Fear not, this mouldable glue is pretty new to us too. Alas, this PR stunt that crafts its way into the football world caught the eye with the use of the timelessly beautiful Pantofola d'Oro.

According to the brand, plucky youngsters at an Essex school were using the stuff to customise their boots which was giving them an unfair advantage on the pitch. The poor souls, merely blending their love for football with their creative enthusiasm - apparently the Sugru sticks to any surface like superglue and turns to waterproof rubber after 24 hours and for the boots offered greater power and control. I mean, it sounds good. Shame they used arguably one of the most comfortable boots going 'a golden slipper' no less - anyone who has played in a pair of Pantofola d'Oro boots will know the pure natural feel on the ball they offer is quite simply succulent.

Still, you can't knock 'em for trying, this Sugru stuff looks like a bit of fun if customising is your game or, aside from football completely, you just like gluing things together - seems like the gift that keeps on giving and whoever added the bad ass spikes to the Lazzarini's has done a fine job - proper mantlepiece mavericks. They even got a freestyler to give the boots a run out as you can see above so they've gone to town. Go PR people. Meanwhile, check out the majestic work of Pantofola d'Oro here.


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