Mizuno continue their early season form, with the Japanese brand launching the Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 and Rebula 3 Made in Japan editions with suitably contrasting paint jobs for the inventively named 'Samurai vs Ninja' pack.

Following on from the 'Tokyo Nights' pack, Mizuno once again looks to the country of its origin for inspiration, this time looking to Japan’s rich history for a heritage-infused collection. OK, so it probably hasn’t taken the world’s greatest minds to come up with the 'Samurai vs Ninja' pack name, but in presenting Mizuno’s prime players in two opposing looks, it does the job.


For the first part in the pack we have the Morelia Neo 2 MIJ, taking on the role of the Samurai. For this it adopts a red and black base, with the former across the bottom half of the boot including the soleplate, fading up into the latter, which runs around the collar and across the laces. Silver pops accent the design, appearing on the “Runbird” logo and on the collar detailing. With this only being a colour update, the Morelia Neo 2 still offers the same premium K-leather upper and quality construction expected of any of their boots that carry the ‘Made in Japan’ callout.

For the Ninja side of things, the Rebula 3 MIJ takes the blue heel of the launch colourway and coats the rest of the boot out in a corresponding look, including across the impressive soleplate, with white accents popping throughout. As with the Morelia, this is only a new colour option, meaning the tech remains the same.

Two more strong looks as Mizuno lay out yet more flavour for the 2019/20 season.


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The Mizuno 'Samurai vs Ninja' Pack is available from prodirectsoccer.com