Drawing inspiration from the neon skyline of Japan’s capital city, Mizuno launch the “Tokyo Nights” pack, which features fresh looks for the Morelia Neo 2 and Rebula 3 ahead of the new season.

Following up the debut of the Rebula 3 and the “Caribbean Sea” Morelia Neo 2, which together formed the "Inazuma Pack", Mizuno take their 2019/20 game up a notch, pairing the two boots up for a simultaneous release of shadow for the summer season. The city of Tokyo is a hustling metropolis that takes on a completely different vibe when the sun goes down, with the skyline becoming a glow of neon that shines in the darkness. And it’s from here that the Japanese brand have taken inspiration for the “Tokyo Nights” pack.


Both boots feature a black core that’s accented by neon pops, with the Morelia Neo 2 taking on a blue outline for the Runbird and further blue detailing on the heel branding and on the stud tips. For a nice contrasting feel to the pack, the Rebula 3 takes red as its secondary colour, but it’s used reservedly for an impactful execution, only outlining the soleplate. The Runbird and heel detailing then comes in silver for a premium finish.

The quality of the construction that’s synonymous with the ‘Made in Japan’ tag is once again instantly recognisable in the clean aesthetic of the black-base uppers on both boots, with the Morelia Neo 2 featuring a shimmering shine, where the Rebula’s base has more of a matte finish. Two options that carry that combination of tradition and premium quality that you won't find anywhere else, wrapped in darkness to just add to the appeal.


Pick up the Mizuno "Tokyo Nights" Pack at prodirectsoccer.com