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Concave Launch New Halo+ "Black/Gun Metal/Poppy"

Cruising onto the scene with an understated look that combines sleek and dangerous, Concave launch the new Halo+, giving their power-focused silo an almost complete over-haul, revamping it for a premium perspective on power play.

Taking a concept that your whole brand is built upon and refining it takes some balls, but with the new Halo+, Concave has done just that, showing they’ve got the minerals it takes to adapt and compete with the big boys of the game. With the revamped Halo you’ll no longer find the awkward power element bolted uncomfortably on top of the lace system; instead, Concave have developed a new technology that offers the same benefits but without the bulk. 

Concave 1-min.jpg

Known as the AccuStrike Railing System, this new technology offers a far more streamlined design that guides the ball as well as adding the requisite power. It also increases the sweet spot, bringing new meaning to ‘putting your laces through it’. And the changes to the upper don’t end there, with an ‘Engineered Maze’ fusing a special type of mesh with a textured synthetic for a superb combination of grip and feel throughout the upper. But for those who like their power served up on a traditional platter, it’s also available in a premium K-leather edition, keeping the appeal for the boot wide open.

In what is almost a complete makeover, the other big change for the Halo+ comes on the soleplate, which now features dual anti-torsion bars along with a hybrid stud configuration. It’s all presented in a tidy ‘Gun Metal’ chrome coating, adding a little bit extra to the overall presentation.

Concave 7-min.jpg

With Shanghai SIPG’s Brazilian powerhouse Hulk set to lace up in the new Halo+, this could well  be the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Concave.

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Daniel Jones

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