Concave pull their first punches of 2017 with a three-jab combo that sees a new look line-up headlined by the second generation Volt +. Launching in sleek black and white wraps, the Volt + is joined by a next-gen Halo + and an inaugural Aura + model.

Starting the new year in strong style, the brand have updated and streamlined their silo collection, each boot featuring the trademark and unique Concave Component concept. The component provides a much large sweet-spot than any other boot on the market, scientifically proven to maximise the power and accuracy of a player when striking the ball towards goal. As far as innovation goes, that concept takes some topping. Each of the three silos boasts an integrated component embedded within the laces for a natural fit. Don't go looking for it when striking the ball, if you connect well, you'll find it naturally.

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Concave Volt+
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Concave Halo+
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Concave Aura+

On to the updates and it's a similar vibe for the lightweight Volt + speed silo. The Volt + has been the standout boot of Concave's stable and featured prominently across the professional scene throughout the 2015/16 season. Another update arrives on the Halo + as the control silo features additional shooting technology on the upper in an almost modern-day Predator style. Rounding up the 2017 Concave updates is the brand new Aura + silo. Designed as the brand's heritage offering, the Aura + uses a premium calf leather to bring the comfort. Genuine innovation, a smart launch collection, a statement of intent for Concave.

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